Chris Coté

"Chris is perhaps the most attentive, caring real estate broker I've ever encountered. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Lisa M.

For most people, buying real estate is likely the most expensive and complicated thing they'll do in their lifetime.
It's a decision with far-reaching impact into their financial well-being, kid's education, relationships, and community involvement. Right next to your spouse, kids, and job, what other choice has such a big day-to-day impact on how much you enjoy your life?

And yet...

9 percent of people try do it themselves,
33 percent are buying for the first time,
70 percent only talk to one agent
and some look for discount agents.

The reality is that accomplishing an optimal real estate transaction requires an experienced professional. When you're sick, you don't do self-surgery. When you buy your first car, you want someone who's done it before beside you as your advisor. And when your stock broker is creating value in his handling of your portfolio, the cost is a secondary concern. It is for these reasons, and many others, that the percentage of people using a Realtor in their real estate transaction has increased between 2001-2014 from 69 percent to 88 percent.

I've lived and worked in the Dallas, Detroit and Denver metro areas - three very different markets! I've bought, sold, and owned/managed investment properties with experience in residential, commercial, and undeveloped property. Time after time, I've seen the difference that a great broker and brokerage makes.

There's lots of them out there - lots of brokers and brokerages clamoring for your business and making all kinds of claims and promises. How do you select one? The decision is consequential. In my experience, it's a very small portion of them that are committed to and capable of providing great above-and-beyond service in handling your real estate transaction. There's even fewer that go beyond the financial and legal aspects to guide you in finding a community and culture that will help your family feel genuinely at home in to thrive.

8z is one of those brokerages and I'm one of those brokers.

With 17 years of executive experience in the non-profit sector serving families prior to focusing on real estate as a full-time career, I bring an added dimension to serving you. Beyond the technical skill, negotiating savvy, knowledge of the market, and effective communication and transparency in the transaction that you should expect as a minimum baseline from a real estate professional, I help bring clarity about the fit a particular neighborhood and community has for your entire family. Prior to that, I was in law enforcement - a job that definitely leads you to thoroughly know your community.

As for 8z Real Estate, you will not find a real estate company more committed and successful in fixing what's broken and raising the bar for the whole industry. From our industry-leading technology to ethics and professionalism that should characterize everyone else to our unparalleled marketing muscle, the whole team of real estate agents, in-house title and mortgage people, and rentals division, will do whatever it takes to address your needs.

Personally, my family is firmly rooted in Castle Rock. My wife Cami is an R.N. for Kaiser Permanente and our daughters Ayanna and Aryssa both attend Sage Canyon Elementary. Whether we're at a soccer game or church, hiking or grabbing a bite, we love being a part of this community in this beautiful place!

I work in the south-metro area (Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Centennial, Englewood, Franktown, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Larkspur, Lakewood, Parker, Sedalia) as well as eastern Boulder County where we lived for six years (Boulder, Broomfield , Erie, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior). If you're looking in Castle Rock specifically, I'm the guy with expertise to talk to about my 'home turf' of Castle Oaks/Terrain and Cobblestone Ranch. We definitely live where we love just as much as I love what I do! I look forward to the opportunity to meet and serve you.

John F.

Chris was open, honest, supportive and fun to work with during a long and stressful process in the sale of our home. His experience, advice and responsiveness was excellent. I would strongly recommend utilizing Chris to anyone who is looking for Real Estate support.

Lisa M.

Chris is perhaps the most attentive, caring real estate broker I've ever encountered. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He will take the time to get to know you and your needs, and work tirelessly to meet those needs until he has found the home for you that fits.

Chris T.

Chris is genuine. Haven't met too many people in my life that have invested in me like he has. Chris is a pleasure to work with and he really tried to step into my shoes to evaluate all the options. I'm happy to call him one of my friends.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $500K in Centennial, CO.

Worked with two agents before finally signed up with Chris and got the house sold. Kind of love affairs before get Chris worked for me. When I initially looked for agents for selling my house, I was very impressed with his thorough understanding and up to date feel of the housing market. I liked his philosophy and strategy of selling as well. So I decided to working with him. However, unlike other agents' aggressiveness in soliciting business, he didn't respond to my message right away. Since I have moved out of the region, and was in a rush mode; plus I wanted someone to be able to communicate with me in a what I perceived "timely manner", I thought he had a busy schedule and would not be easy to work with. I went with another agent. That agent was reliable, but didn't get a house sold - no offer (my first agent actually underestimate the price value to begin with, and I forced him to raise the price. I felt he was not confident enough to sell the house at the listing price.)

So when the listing expired with the first agent, I again thought of Chris. Because I didn't tell him the listing has expired, he sounded elusive to me, and didn't give me a "yes" answer right away. Fall was approaching, and I needed the house sold and also needed someone to look after the house as I was not in the region, I signed up with a high profile agent who always sounds upbeat, and volunteered quite a bit of things that turned out not happening at all, including free staging and house maintenance. When I was back to the house in couple of months, the house was not maintained at all. The sprinkler system was not shutoff as requested. After she initially touted high price of the house, she dropped the house price to test the market without me knowing it. She then requested me to lower my housing price even more - over $20k. I just didn't believe my house value should be that low as my overall house condition is very good, and the market is still strong. The winter was coming. I dumped that agent.

Then I thought about Chris again. After a good conversion, again I felt Chris had the right gauge of the market. He thought my house should be sold at higher price because of its condition and market. He helped take care of house in the winter, and put the house again on market at a time that he thought was right. With no surprise, there were couple of offers and the house was under contract within 3 weeks of listing - above the listing price! During contract negotiation process, Chris was also very effective as well.

Chris is a smart and reliable business man. My initially impression of him being difficult to be in touch turns out to be untrue. When things are at important stage, he is very timely and reliable. When it's not that critical, he may be a bit slow to respond, but that actually won't hurt the process. Chris' gauge of market pulse is pretty accurate (I would say best among over 10 agents that I interviewed with), and he has very good marketing strategy to get the maximum value of the house. He is not like other agents aggressively preaching business (it took him two days to reply to me after I first reached out him to come to look at the house), but once he has the house under his umbrella, he is very responsible. He has a very good photography team. I am not talking about 3D yet. Just for the regular photos of the house, his team did a much better job to capture the beauty of the house. The photos of previous two agents showed my house as dark, low, and somewhat dirty carpet. But in reality, the house had a very very high ceiling, bright, and like-new carpet. I strongly recommend Chris for his excellence to get job done.

Review by: fanglu 2000

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